About us

Partech AS is certified as a Parker Premier distributor, and has a long experience with hydraulic components and systems for a range of applications in different markets.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we always strive to find the
most optimal solutions based on time, price and quality.

We deliver products within hydraulic, pneumatic, filtration and connectors,
and offer guidance for suitable products, hydraulic design system, production
of hydraulic hoses, prefabrication of hydraulic pipes, and more. Our product
selection is mainly from a world-leading producer, Parker Hannifin, however
we also offer products from other known manufactures.

Why choose ParTech?

  • Quality products directly from a world-leading producer – Parker Hannifin
  • Large and wide inventory with over 4000 different products
  • Broad competence within hydraulics, pneumatics, filtration and connectors
  • Good web solutions with our online store – High focus on cost-efficient solutions



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Hose Workshop Certificate Partech

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NS-EN ISO 9001:2015